Little One.

~Meet sweet little Annalise– she’s soft and quiet, so aware of her surroundings, has piercing blue eyes, and is happy in her parents’ arms.  Plus she has adorable little toes:

100mm macro  f 2.8  1/320 sec.  ISO 400

…And she didn’t even mind that her grandma and my assistant were blowing bubbles all around her.  (Thanks, Kayla & Erica’s mom! :))

Some lovely light & a little smooch:

35mm f2.0 1/1000sec. ISO 100

35mm f1.8 1/400sec. ISO 100

Erica, you look beautiful.  The end.

Someone was so content in her mommy’s arms.  –Okay, I have an opinion on this, and I’m gonna’ share it here.  What is with people thinking newborn babies only smile ‘for real’ after a certain age?  If a brand new baby gives a sweet grin, it is so often attributed to their intestinal integrity in the first few weeks, instead of their outward manifestation of a contented state.  What a pity.  Goodness, if they can cry for real, why can’t they smile for real?  Okay, off the soapbox now.  But here’s photographic proof of a happy little week old baby.  (And it wasn’t some form of peristalsis, either.)

I love this next one.  Love.  Look at that light– and those muted little grins of two brand new parents.  First ‘real’ family photo turned out pretty well, no?  :)  Erica, I think Annalise has your eyes-

Erica and Mike, thank you for trusting me to photograph this important time in your lives as you adjust to becoming parents.  Your little girl already loves you, and is a complete sweetheart.  I wish you both all the best as you raise sweet Annalise.

June 5, 2010 - 8:22 am

Lindsey - Beautiful Betsy!!! Erica, Mike and Annalise you are a beautiful family!!! Lindsey Z

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