Here & Now. #8

Little gifts from a spring garden.

Remembering why I planted David Austin roses. Extra work, but always worth it every spring. My two favorites for bouquets- Teasing Georgia and Abraham Darby. If it were possible, I’d let you take a beautiful breath of these roses. There is nothing like the scent from a fresh-picked Abraham Darby.

The last of our asparagus. Our best and most prolific year yet- so rewarding to go out and pick it in the morning and have a heaping bowlful for lunch. Delicious. We’re spoiled for good now, because there is no comparison between homegrown and what is sold in stores. It’s like a completely different vegetable. We’ll just have to wait for next spring…

I found a little surprise bunch of peonies when I was picking roses the other day. Of late, they haven’t bloomed at all, so it was nice to find just enough for a mini bouquet. Hard to look at peonies and not grin.

Happy four-day week!


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