Treasury # 11.

A unique travel treasury, created by suskita. Entitled ‘Places to go.’ Do go have a look at her shop. It’s a tiny treat for the eyes. (Mom– how cute would that bunting be in Nora’s dollhouse? And those fruit-filled crepes?! I think I have some shopping to do… )

I have two favorites from this treasury. Which means they can’t be a true favorite if there’s more than one, but alas, I’m sticking with it. See that airplane print on the top right? It’s kinda’ silly and cute: “Sometimes I accidentally wish upon an airplane… those flashing lights are tricky.” View the full print here.

And the ‘here now’ print on the bottom row? I like it a lot. Both the design and the thought: ‘You are here now. In the vastness of space and time may you be present here and now.” I need to be reminded of that far too often, I fear. View the full print here.

You can see the full treasury here.



March 21, 2011 - 5:50 pm

Shara - I was craving that “you are here now” print myself…it’s just too cool!

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